Dr. Kyshun Webster

---------- Kyshun's Story -----------

In his early years, the odds were stacked against Dr. Kyshun Webster. Yet he prevailed in spite of difficult challenges, setting a pattern that has continued throughout his life. His experiences equipped him with a strong sense of empathy and this virtue has made him more effective as a scholar, business executive, innovator and citizen of the world.

A native of New Orleans, he spent his childhood living in public housing, raised by a single mother and grandmother. kyshun with kidsTaunted by his peers who ridiculed him for being an academic achiever, he still excelled in school. After his family moved into a low-income community in the Lower 9th Ward, he founded a tutoring program for neighborhood children using the garage as a classroom.

After graduating from a New Orleans public high school, he steadfastly continued his education, perfecting his research, analysis and programmatic skills at every step of his academic development. When he advanced to the work world, he stayed true to his character.

As a result, he has dedicated his life to the application of academic research combined with practical wisdom to solve social issues. His target population is marginalized children and families.

Dr. Webster is the recipient of many awards for his social and civic impact, including the Blue Cross Blue Shield “Angel Award”; Data News Weekly “Trailblazer Award,”; CityBusiness “Power Generation Award,” saluting 40 executives under 40; and “Local Hero Award” from golfing legend Tiger Woods who praised young Kyshun Webster at a news conference saying Kyshun has shown with his life and career how much one committed person can do to improve the lives of both parents and children…he serves as an example for all of us to emulate.

He received his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Comprehensive Work, Family and Community Education from the University of Minnesota in 2005. He completed post-graduate studies at the inaugural Social Innovation Executive Program at Stanford University Business School. As a scholar and social entrepreneur, Dr. Webster understands the complexity 21st century families face with balancing work and family priorities.

Happily married, he is the father of three sons and a teenage daughter.  A self-diagnosed, recovering “work-a-holic,” he had to learn first-hand how to create work-life balance and truly live by principles that sustain health while also fostering productivity.  In his free time, he enjoys reading, cooking and baking with his children.

Many times, he has succeeded even when circumstances were against him. Today, with his focus on new horizons and his vision fortified by empathy,  he is on track to once again defy the odds.

---------- Latest Endeavor -----------


Compassion Society Benefits designs products and services focused on wellness along with work and life enhancements tailored to real life benefits for companies, employees, individuals and families. CSB’s measurable social impact provides:

  • Inclusion of working class families;
  • Reduction of economic impact due to wage loss of caregivers;
  • Financial security for families to ensure the health and well being of all

work life balance photoOur vision is to collaborate with organizations to institute applicable work-life balance action plans. The American workforce is transforming. Employee needs, responsibilities and motivation for working are changing rapidly. With the assistance of Compassion Society, organizations can reduce the stress, improve stability and offer preparedness for employees to make monumental life choices.Compassion Society is the evolution of change. An idea put into practice with tangible work-life balance solutions to improve organizational health, welfare, productivity, workplace environment and profit margins. As organizations redefine success, the bottom line is not the only factor of consideration.

Organizations seeking improvement would do well to consider thoughtful strategies that create sustainable workplaces to achieve healthy work-life balance and overall quality of life. Mind, body and spirit are emerging as critical factors in effectively working environments. Compassion Society will assist organizations in building a culture where employees are empowered to manage their own change. This is the new normal in the pursuit of balanced living.

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